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About Perspectives
Falling trust, the rise of AI, misinformation, economic struggles – there are some big challenges currently facing journalism.

We need new tools and mental models to meet this moment, and we shouldn’t restrict our search just to the conferences, institutions, and keynote speakers to which we always turn.

There are other industries and communities who face similar challenges, and create their own solutions. Perspectives turns to movements and people outside news for inspiration, strategies, and frameworks for tackling some of our biggest challenges. We then create spaces to share this knowledge with journalists.

Within our events, Perspectives aims to:

  • Change assumptions about what is possible in journalism
  • Introduce new methods for impact and sustainability
  • Create spaces where journalists can imagine and seek clarity on difficult questions by stepping outside the constraints of our industry

Perspectives is a project of Policy Impact, a 501(c)3 organization.

  • Our first Perspectives Local event in Philadelphia on June 6th. Sign up here.
  • Webinar on what journalism can learn from anthropology.
  • Bring an anthropologist to Gather to be a monthly community curator.
  • Host an event on how other industries are adapting to AI, for ONA24 in Atlanta.
  • Something else? Get in touch to discuss opportunities to work together. Contact us.
Events in 2024
Support our work
  • We’re seeking grants, donations, and sponsorships to support our events and operating expenses in 2024 and beyond. We’re volunteer-run. All monies go directly to our modest programming and operating costs. Our goal is $25,000 but donations of any size make a big difference.
  • Donations are tax deductible through our fiscal sponsor, Policy Impact.
  • Previous supporters include OpenNews, Reynolds Journalism Institute, News Product Alliance, and the American Press Institute.
  • Perspectives is a volunteer-run organization. All monies go directly to programming and operating costs.
Previous events
  • Ariel Zirulnick
    Ariel Zirulnick is the director for newsroom experimentation at LAist in Los Angeles. She is the co-founder of Perspectives.

  • Robin Kwong
    Robin Kwong is the director of audience at The Wall Street Journal.
  • Andrew Losowsky
    Andrew Losowsky is the head of community product at Vox Media. He is the co-founder of Perspectives.
  • How do I bring Perspectives to my city or my event? How can I be a part of a Perspectives event?
    We'd love to work with you! Contact us via the form below.

    Here are some of the questions we ask when we’re evaluating a pitch or designing an event:

    • What’s the vibe of the main event that we'll be programming alongside?
    • Who is the event's target audience?
    • What kind of lessons and experiences from beyond journalism could be useful to the target audience right now?
    • What’s the format of the main event? In-person or online? What are the session formats? How much do we want to echo that, or do something in contrast to it?
    • If we’re doing something in person, where can we take people that’s community-focused and outside of the main event space, while respecting the location and design of the main event?
    • Are we going to try to make this a part of the event or are we going to make it an auxiliary event?
    • Is there any budget? Are there any plans to get one? We pay our speakers and venues so any assistance with that is always welcome.
  • Who can organize a Perspectives event?
    Currently we're overseeing all Perspectives events; in the future, we'll be releasing a free series of guidelines and principles for others to run events. If you'd like to work with us, contact us!
  • How can I support Perspectives?
    We always need funders to help support our events. As organizers, we take no fee for our work; however, participants and venues need paying. If you're interested in supporting a future Perspectives event, contact us.
  • What are the core principles of Perspectives?
    • We always pay participants from outside journalism
    • We hold in-person events at community spaces
    • We hold events that take place alongside existing industry events

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We'd love to make a Perspectives event with you.

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